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Criminal Child Abuse and Child Neglect Defense

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges involving allegations of abuse or neglect of a child, contact my Johnson County, Kansas criminal defense law firm for experienced advice about your situation and aggressive defense of any criminal charges that may arise.  It’s always best to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney before making any decisions about your case.

Child abuse or criminal child endangerment are serious charges that often arise against child care professionals, such as teachers, day care workers, foster parents, and babysitters.  Often, accusations of abuse arise against the live-in boyfriends of unmarried mothers.  Most serious child abuse charges also result in the filing of Child in Need of Care (CINC) proceedings that can result in the limitation or even termination of parental rights.  A conviction at the criminal level or an adverse ruling in the CINC proceedings will often result in termination of the rights of the accused to operate or work at a day care facility or to work with children in the school system.

Child Endangerment Defense Attorney in Johnson County, Kansas

I can defend you in all aspects of your child abuse or child endangerment case. My goal in a child abuse prosecution is to protect you from the criminal penalties that would follow a conviction and to protect your professional and family interests. I know how to challenge the findings of a CPS investigation and broaden the inquiry to uncover circumstances that may provide an alternate explanation for the child’s injuries.  My objective is to protect your rights as a parent or child care professional.

Child abuse investigations are not always objective or thorough. When very small children are involved, interviewers can unknowingly or even deliberately manipulate the child’s statements. When older children are involved, the child’s behavioral or emotional problems can result in false accusations or manipulation of the investigator’s sympathy. In many cases, a child may simply tell the investigator what he or she thinks the investigator wants to hear.

In order to develop a strong defense, you must make full use of forensic witnesses and independent examination of the children involved. When necessary, I consult with only the best nationally recognized forensic experts to assist in your defense and testify on your behalf at trial.  My understanding of the CPS and child welfare investigative process can give you an advantage in defending and defeating criminal child abuse charges. If you have been accused of child abuse, it’s best to consult with a lawyer before making any statements or answering any questions.

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