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Internet and Computer Crimes Charges

Johnson County Kansas Computer and Internet Fraud Charges

A conviction for Internet fraud or related charges, such as identity theft, credit card fraud, computer hacking, phishing, etc., can carry serious penalties. Because the ‘evidence’ in computer crimes is electronically recorded, it may be difficult for even a seasoned trial attorney to achieve an acquittal at trial. These cases often involve thousands of individual pieces of digital evidence in the form of electronic records such as receipts, e-mails, instant messages and other transactions. An effective defense often involves an exhaustive review of this evidence and documentation in order to determine the level of involvement and mitigate intent.

When facing charges of Internet fraud, it is best for you to secure the representation of an aggressive, experienced Johnson County, Kansas criminal defense lawyer who has a thorough command of the applicable criminal statutes, a close familiarity with the business or transactions involved and who can conduct a detailed analysis of evidence and police procedure.  When necessary, I associate with nationally recognized Forensic Computer Experts who can conduct a thorough and critical analysis of the government’s electronic evidence.

I Can Help If You Are Facing an Internet Fraud Charge

Your attorney’s ability to spot the weaknesses in the government’s evidence against you can be a major advantage in your defense, as can an aggressive approach in addressing issues such as warrantless search, lack of probable cause and other violations of your constitutional rights by state or federal government agents.

I am a criminal defense attorney with a track record of success in Internet fraud and other white collar crime. My practice is based in Overland Park, Kansas. As principal attorney at my law firm, I serve the citizens of Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee, Overland Park, Mission Hills, Merriam and the surrounding communities of Johnson County and Wyandotte County, as well as Jackson County, Missouri.

In some cases, prosecutors may be willing to negotiate dispositions that involve a limited stay at a halfway house followed by house arrest and probation as opposed to an extended prison term. As your lawyer, I will work aggressively to prepare your case for trial while simultaneously working to determine precisely how much mitigation the prosecutor may be willing to offer. Only then can a client make an informed decision between proceeding with evidentiary trial or resolving a complex case by plea agreement. Most employers will not hire a person who has a criminal record. Don’t let your career be ruined if you are convicted of a crime such as Internet fraud.

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