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32-Year-Old Shawnee Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting A Child
February 16, 2018

On Tuesday, 32-year-old Benjamin Edward Ambrose Rutherford was charged for sexually assaulting a child under the age of 14. His charges included: 2 counts of rape 1 count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child The victim was assaulted in September and October of last year. On Wednesday, Rutherford was sent to Johnson County Jail and he has to post the bond amount of $250,000 to get released. He was not required to enter a plea at his first court appearance. The victim was born in 2004, which showed that he is too young. Rutherford is summoned to court on… Read More →

Necessary Requirements To Prove Your Claim Valid In Medical Malpractice Case, Ft Lauderdale
October 2, 2016

A.What is medical malpractice case? In order to know about the necessary requirements to prove a medical malpractice case, it is mandatory to know about the basic concept of the same. A medical malpractice is the name of a serious mistake by the health care provider, hospital or a nursing staff in which a serious injury has occurred to the patient leading to acute damages. It is a common phenomenon that the member of the medical team makes mistakes from time and again. In some cases, these mistakes are less dangerous whereas in a large amount of the cases the… Read More →

Victims Of Violent Crimes Receive More Than $400,000 In October
October 26, 2015

The Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board handed more than $400,000 to victims of violent crimes in Kansas this month. A total of $403,166.23 was given to 349 cases of violent crimes, as reported by the Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt in a news release. The grant money can be used by the victims to pay for unexpected expenses, including medical expenses, mental health counseling, lost wages, dependent support, and funeral expenses, that may be prompted by the violent crime. These awards, announced monthly, are capped at $25,000. The compensation program, which was established in 1978, is administered by Schmidt’s office.… Read More →

Attorney Paul Cramm’s Opinion On Use Of UBER Service Leading To Decrease In DUI Deaths In Kansas
September 16, 2015

Attorney Paul Cramm comments on an article in about a research claiming the UBER services lead to decrease in DUI deaths. These statistics tend to support what I have always believed about DUI.  Nobody heads out on a Friday or Saturday night ‘intending’ to commit the crime of drunk driving.  Yes, people knowingly enjoy alcohol and knowingly drive home at the end of the night.  But not one of my clients has ever said ‘I knew I was loaded but I just didn’t care…’  Instead, my clients say ‘I knew had a few, but I felt fine to drive … I… Read More →

Kansas City Man Gets 6 Months In Hate Crime
June 29, 2015

36-year-old Gregory Duncan punched a marine for favoring a gay friend and he didn’t appear on his hearing. For the offense, he was sentenced by Douglas County District Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf to 1 year to 1 and a half year in jail. He will serve 6 months before becoming eligible for parole, 9 months prior to his release from jail, according to the state law where he lives. After the sentencing, Duncan’s lawyer James Martin Davis told, “There were 2 assaults in this case. My client assaulted a man in the Old Market. And he assaulted himself by shooting… Read More →

Our 9th Circus
March 30, 2015

First, I want to say that I voted for neither Trump nor Clinton.  Quite frankly, I didn’t trust either one.  Be that as it may, Donald Trump is our President.  Being President comes with certain powers.  Like it or not, President Trump has those powers…unless, as some Judges believe, a Judge disagrees with his politics. Recently, the States of Washington and Hawaii sued in Federal Court to block President Trump’s Executive Order restricting travel from certain countries, on the grounds that those countries are majority Muslim and the Orders are discriminatory.  Federal Judges in both states ruled for the States… Read More →

Lawmakers In Kansas To Hear Bills On Medical Marijuana, Hate Crime And More
February 10, 2015

On Tuesday, the Kansas Legislature dig deep into a four-day work week with hearings on medicinal marijuana, hate crimes, teacher contracts and campaign reform with the state budget shortage puzzle serving as imposing backdrop. Senate Bill 1 was sponsored by Sen. David Haley, D-Kansas City, that will instruct judges to double the sentence for an individual who is convicted of an offense motivated wholly or in part by “race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin or sexual orientation” if the conviction carried a presumptive term of imprisonment. If the underlying offense carried a term that didn’t need prison, the sentence should… Read More →

COVID-19 and Your Sex Crime, DUI or Domestic Violence Case
April 23, 2013

During this time, your world likely seems to have changed entirely. If you have or have recently had a Sex Crime, DUI, or Domestic Violence Case, you are likely feeling extremely uncertain, scared, worried, or confused during such uncertain times. The significant limitations presented to those in these situations have been amplified due to new national and state legislations. Other pressures from the COVID-19 national emergency are likely also presenting an overwhelming sense of stress during this time. The great amount of frustration due to changed and postponed legal dates can feel extremely trouncing, especially with the global financial ramifications… Read More →

The Harsh Penalties of Probation Violation
April 21, 2013

Probation is a privilege and not a right. To continue serving out a sentence on probation, a defendant has to comply with any number of conditions These conditions depend on the original crime and may include conditions such as abstaining from drug and alcohol use, checking in with a probation officer at regular intervals, and wearing an ankle monitoring device. What happens if I violate my probation? There are four stages in probation violation proceedings. In many cases, your defense attorney may be able to consolidate some of the proceedings so that you may be released from jail and placed… Read More →

Got into Trouble! Few Reasons why you need a DUI Lawyer
September 17, 2012

When it comes to punishable felonies, DUI or DWI ranks higher in comparison to other offenses. While driving under influence is a crime in itself, it might even result in accidents, leading to physical injuries, damages, or even death. Therefore, if you are in the inebriated stage, try taking a cab home instead of driving on your own. However, if you have already taken the risk and got into trouble, it is necessary to get excellent legal representation to stay out of the jail. Besides getting a significant cut on the extent of punishment, a good DUI lawyer can also… Read More →

Common Defenses used to avert Criminal Charges
September 10, 2012

When accused or charged of a criminal offense, it is normal to feel anxious or alarmed, despite being completely above suspicion. Criminal charges have serious consequences, so do not take them lightly under any circumstance. No matter how minor or serious the crime in question, tackling the legal proceedings without a lawyer is a recipe for disaster; unless, of course the idea of developing a criminal record and the possibility of going to jail doesn’t bother you. West Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney elaborates a list of defenses that are frequently used in criminal court during trials for a range of… Read More →

Can you Evade Jail Time after a DUI Arrest ?
September 7, 2012

Every individual can uphold his or her constitutional rights even after a DUI arrest. Although the law and severity of the punishment might vary, depending on the jurisdiction, the procedural steps after a conviction are mostly coherent. When it comes to the Bucks County, the charges and levels of punishment vary, according to the alcohol levels in the blood, previous criminal records, if any, and even the profession you are currently pursuing. Are there any chances of Zero Jail-Time? There are indeed chances. Zero Jail-Time is a possibility. Zero Jail-Time is a possibility that could happen if Zero-Suit-Derivation is used… Read More →