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Crime Statistics For Kansas City Show Promising Trend

Almost every category of violent crime from homicide to car theft and property crime in Kansas City is showing a decrease this year as compared with the same time period in 2013.

The highest percentage reduction is showed in homicides which is 37 percent. According to the statistics showed at Tuesday’s Board of Police Commissioners meeting, the rate of rape has also reduced.

The statistics, which cover from the month of January through July, show that crime across all the categories decreased 12 percent from the same time period in 2013. In January, members of the alliance assisted track down and arrest thousands of individuals identified as being key to violent crimes in the area.

Mayor Sly James, a member of the police board said, “I’m encouraged by the 37 percent drop in homicides because our city’s violent crime rate has been a scar on our neighborhoods for too long”.

Police Chief Darryl Forté said in his blog that the reduction in homicides “is the first significant reduction in homicides in the last 50 years.”

Forté boasted about the work of the department’s Violent Crimes Enforcement Unit, which has taken into custody wanted fugitives and violent crime suspects. The unit also has found 119 guns that were possessed illegally by individuals and has referred more than 50 cases to federal authorities for prosecution, as shown by his blog. The unit works as the enforcement arm for the Kansas City No Violence Alliance, which identified and took into custody the city’s most violent criminals and their associates.

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The main reason for the decrease in the reported crimes according to Forté is the alliance and an increase in cooperation between the community and police.

23 percent decrease in reported rapes is shown by statistics and other than that it also showed the decrease of 21 percent in burglary, 10 percent in robbery, 5 percent in car thefts and 4 percent in aggravated assaults. The only reported increases were for arson at 8 percent and non-aggravated assaults at 3 percent.

The mayor also praised the work of the alliance, called as KC NoVa.

James said, “There is still work to do because even one homicide is too many. But I have faith in the collaborative and strategic approach of KC NoVa. This year’s data tells us that so far we are making great strides in the right direction”.

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