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Decrease in Kansas City’s east side crime rate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – On Wednesday, Kansas City police said that crime has decreased in one of their hotspots.

The new head of the east patrol, Major Rick Smith said during the public safety committee meeting that violent crime in his area reduced 10% from 2013.

There have been 4 acts of homicide due to which 5 individuals died since the start of the year.
Other than 1 incident, police have suspects in all cases.

Major Smith said there is more work to be done to decrease the homicide rate. He said, “It hasn’t been the discussion that it could have been. And I think to keep up that discussion, make sure everyone’s aware and make sure that it’s not to be tolerated or taken lightly in the city and we need to keep up that pressure every time we get.

Police attribute the decrease in violent crime to initiatives such as the Aim4Peace program and Kansas City’s No Violence Alliance.

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