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Eerie Similarity Between Two Kansas Hate Crimes That Took Place 3 Years Apart

Hate crimes are becoming extremely common and you’ll hear news of a hate crime almost every other day. Individuals are tortured, mosques are targeted and women wearing hijab are threatened or murdered.

A large number of fatalities occur due to hate crimes.

There is a need to know how the affected individuals and their family members get back to normal life after everyone forgets what happened.

In February, 2 Indian immigrants were shot in hate crime incidents, from which one died and the other survived. The shooting incident occurred at a neighborhood bar and the shooter was identified as Adam Purinton. Srinivas Kuchibhotla was the person who died in the incident while his friend, Alok Madasani, survived. Sunayana Dumala, the widow of Kuchibhotla, had struggled a lot after his death to survive alone.
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The shooter asked the immigrants whether they came there illegally and told an individual that he thought they came from Iran.

His widow went back to India for the funeral and lived there for several weeks.

A similar incident happened 3 years ago in which 3 individuals were shot dead. The shooting incident buy cheap best tramadol occurred about 12 miles away in Overland Park, Kansas. A white supremacist was the shooter in that case who thought they were Jewish, but all 3 were Christians.

In the second shooting incident, 69-year-old William Lewis Corporon and 14-year-old Reat Griffin Underwood were shot dead. They were at the community center for Reat’s singing audition. They both were family members of Ms. Corporon. A few minutes after they were shot, she came to the parking lot and found her father laying on the ground and his son injured in the truck in which they both were sitting.

The offender in that case, Frazier Glenn, was sentenced to death in 2015 for the murders.

Ms. Corporon is the chief executive of a wealth management firm.
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After the tragedy, she started a series of annual events to conquer the fear that feeds hate.

She can never forget the dreadful afternoon in the parking lot. She thought that her father had a heart attack due to which he died, but it was not the case. She said that she lost her dear ones due to hate.
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Ms. Corporon knows the pain Ms. Dumala is going through. She said about the case, “It is the suddenness and shock and processing that your loved one died a violent death and that someone wanted them dead that’s so hard. Why did someone want them dead? They didn’t do anything to anybody.”

When Ms. Dumala returned from India after a few days, she decided to speak at a community anti-hate-crime program at an Olathe church which is the first step in her mission to spread the message of love to avoid hate crimes in future.

Ms. Dumala was sitting beside Ms. Corporon on the stage. They both were scheduled to speak.

Ms. Corporon reached Ms. Dumala’s hand and said, “You will be fine.”

Ms. Dumala wanted to ask her “How do you heal?” That is a question hard to answer.

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