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Felony Charge Filed Against Man Shot By Overland Park Police

A case is under investigation by the police that happened on Monday afternoon as a man was shot by a cop inside a luxury apartment community.

The cops were reported about a man who was going to commit suicide. They were called to the apartment building, according to the Police spokesman John Lacy.

It was confirmed by the police through a news release that the man had called 911 and said he had a knife and was threatening to kill himself and his wife.

Before the news release, the cops present at the scene said that it was not confirmed if he was armed when the cop fired at him. However, the news release stated that the man had “displayed a weapon and charged toward the responding officers.”

The timing of the shooting was around 3 p.m. and it occurred outside an apartment building in the 13300 block of Larsen Lane.

2 cops were at the apartment building when one of them fired the man. He shot two bullets at the man. Lacy said, “Officers responded and once we arrived to the residence, there was a male who came out of the residence, approaching the officers. I don’t know if he was displaying a gun, but he was acting very aggressively.”

The man was rushed to the hospital after the cops shot him and he is in stable condition.

The case will be handled by the Johnson County Officer-Involved Shooting Team.

As the case is still under investigation, both the cops have been placed on administrative leave.

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