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Gun found after police investigate shootings of two people

After the shooting of two individuals in Downtown Orlando in a parking lot, no arrests have been made.

According to the police, a man and a woman were shot in the parking lot near Central Boulevard and Garland Avenue at 2:40 am.

Near the place where the shooting was done, detectives found a gun but they still can’t say where and when the weapon was exactly found. The gun which was found will be tested to check if it was used in the shooting.

The woman was taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center with a non-life threatening gunshot wound which injured her leg. The bullet passed through the door of the vehicle in which she was sitting and pierced her right thigh, according to the report.

The policemen said to the lady that she was possibly not the intended target of the stray bullet.

After some minutes of the shooting, a man also arrived at the Medical center (Orlando Regional) in very bad condition and said order strattera that he was shot in the upper body at the same location where the woman was, across the street from the Orlando Police Department.

The policemen kept searching for the shooter or the shooters.

It is still not decided whether the victims or the shooters were coming from one of the bars or clubs off the Orange Avenue corridor after closing time which was 2 a.m., but the manager of the local night life establishment says that the area is known to attract sketchy individuals unlike the normal weekend on Tuesday.

Barbara Groover, manager of Wall Street Cantina said, “Tuesday night does have a rougher crowd because it’s Taco Tuesday and there are a lot of $2 specials at a lot of the bars downtown.”

She also said, “I’m not sure why these places aren’t checking people for weapons, [or the shooters] could’ve just been driving by”.

This was not the first crime that has struck the downtown parking lot areas this year.

On 19th February, a transient man grabbed an individual around the neck in a stairwell on the 6th floor of a public garage at 51 W. Jefferson Street. Tobias Franklin, 21, raped a woman at six am in the morning. Before this incident, the security guard patrol spotted the attack and called 911. Later, Franklin was arrested on sexual battery charges, the police said, and then Franklin remains in jail (Orange County).

According to the police, an argument on February 21 led the 17 year old teenager (Felix Vazquez) to attack a 32 year old man in the leg at Garland Avenue Parking lot off West Central Boulevard around 2.30 pm. After the incident, the victim survived the shot, and Vazquez was arrested for weapon offenses and murder attempts.

After the gunfight away from the new Dr. Phillips Center on March 12 for Performing Arts, two cars opened fire at the Church Street and Rosalind avenue and later at Central Boulevard and Hughey Avenue. The man was shot in the shoulder.

Erik, who was the manager at Downtown Pour House and declined to give his last name, said that he has observed an increase in the transients and rowdy people downtown over the years. The establishment of the crowd is typically laid back and older; his employees encourage every individual to walk in groups and to park in well-lit garages.

The overall crime in Downtown Orlando has dropped about six percent in the first half of the years, according to Orlando police Lt. Jim Young.

The Police Department of Orlando currently has 74 officers, nine sergeants, three lieutenants and a single captain in the downtown community.

Young said, “[Crime] could happen to anybody but usually things are pretty safe here.”

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