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Kansas City Man Faces Felony Charges In I-70 Shooting Rampage

In the incident that happened on Wednesday, a Kansas City man faces felony charges in St. Louis and Warren counties for a shooting rampage on Interstate 70 due to which 2 motorists sustained injuries.

22-year-old Reginald D. Adams Jr. was charged on Thursday in St. Louis County with 9 felonies in which assault of a law enforcement officer, armed criminal action, first-degree assault and resisting arrest were included. He was being held in lieu of $250,000 cash-only bail.

He faces 12 charges, six counts each of first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon in Warren County. His bail was set at $750,000 cash only. Charges are pending in St. Charles County.

On Thursday, St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jimenez told that when detectives asked Adams why he did that, he initially told them he “snapped” due to a girlfriend and after sometime said he was “tired of life and he was tired of being a victim of everything. And he was just basically having a bad life.”

According to Jimenez, Adams has a criminal background that included drug possession and distribution charges but nothing violent has been done by him in his overall history.

Adams was taken into custody after a police pursuit that began in Warren County and reached speeds over 100 mph. The pursuit stopped when Adams crashed the Dodge Charger he was driving near St. Louis-Lambert International Airport and tried to flee.

The charging documents stated, “When the defendant ran out of ammunition, he ceased fleeing and gave up.”

The documents also revealed that Jimenez was one of four police officers who Adams shot at. None of the officers were hit but 2 motorists were hit.

In Warren County, the first victim was hit around 6 p.m., near the 190 mile marker on eastbound 70, told the police.

The man told police he observed a white motor vehicle next to his 2003 Ford Expedition just before the driver’s side window of his SUV shattered. The man was struck by a bullet in his right arm and chest, showed the court documents.

5 other motorists, in which a man driving a tractor-trailer was included, said their vehicles were hit by gunfire. All of them reported seeing a white car pull up alongside them just before the shots rang out.

In St. Charles County, a female victim sustained life-threatening injuries after being hit near the Wentzville Parkway exit.

The 2nd victim was provided first aid by Ray Antonacci, chief of the Lincoln County Ambulance District. Antonacci said he was getting home to Wentzville around 6 p.m. Wednesday on the South Outer Road when he saw a woman asking for assistance on I-70.

He told on Thursday, “She was crying and said, ‘I think my friend is shot'”.

Antonacci has a paralyzed left leg and uses a brace and a cane to walk. Nevertheless, he climbed a guard rail in the heavy rain and walked to the motor vehicle.

A woman in the driver’s seat was unconscious and unresponsive inside the motor vehicle, according to him. She had indeed been shot but Antonacci, a certified paramedic, did not want to discuss her injuries. On Wednesday night, she was in serious condition at the hospital, told the police.

Antonacci lifted her head and saw she required assistance in breathing. He inserted a tube in her nose and down her throat to keep her airway open until Wentzville police and ambulance crews approached the accident spot. He had a first-aid kit in his truck.

49-year-old Antonacci, whose duties are largely administrative these days said, “I don’t work as a paramedic saving lives every day. It was a great experience for me to help out. I was at the right place at the right time”. According to him, it was by luck that he was there at the time of the accident; he’d worked later than usual that day. He added, “If I hadn’t stayed late at work, I’d have been home when all that happened. It was a strange coincidence that I was there at the time”.

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