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Kansas man sentenced to 6 months in federal prison

One Kansas man pled guilty to wire fraud, food stamp fraud and conspiracy.

It appears that in this federal crime a Kansas grocery store operated by the man was giving recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program only about half the value they were entitled while the man pocketed the remainder.

The charges came after an extensive investigation involving surveillance of the Kansas grocery store, computerized detection systems and the use of undercover investigators. However, the man received a fairly lenient sentence because of the defendant’s familial situation.

It appears the man has five children and his wife speaks no English and possesses no driver’s license, therefore it will be extremely difficult for the woman to take care of the children on her own for long. Furthermore, it was shown that the defendant led an “otherwise law-abiding life.
The Kansas man was sentenced this week to a federal prison sentence of six months and an additional six month term of house arrest after incarceration for his part in the food stamp conspiracy case. He has also been order to pay restitution totaling well over $100,000.

There are several ways that an individual in Kansas could be alerted to the fact that they may be at the center of a federal investigation. A phone call or a letter can be an alert that precedes an arrest. It is never too soon to get advice. The consequences for a federal conviction are serious and it would behoove any individual that has suspicions they may be at the center of a federal investigation to speak with experience legal counsel.

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