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Kansas man’s blackmail conviction overturned

A Johnson County, Kansas, blackmail case, also more formally known as extortion, has recently been overturned. The charges originated when the accused sent a letter to the husband of his former wife stating that he would expose the husband as a child abuser if the man did not keep his distance from the man that was sending the letter’s family.

At the time, in order for a conviction of blackmail, the purported victim would have to have completed some sort of action against their will as a result of the alleged blackmail. In this instance the man would have had to remain out of contact with the family against his will. As it turns out, the man did not keep his distance from the formerly accused man’s family, therefore no action was taken and the charges were overturned.

Often defendants can have charges dropped or overturned on things that may seem very technical but are very pertinent. It is critical that if an individual is facing criminal charges, that individual know the ins and outs of the law. Often, it is difficult to have expert knowledge of such subjects and it may be best to lean on the intellect of experienced legal counsel.

The consequences of criminal charges can be severe. It is important to handle them delicately and speedily. To fail to do so could result in heavy fines and time behind bars. This man’s overturn of his 2003 conviction means that he can now continue living his life as a law-abiding citizen of Kansas.

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