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Latest Crime At Oak Park Mall Involving Shoplifting And Assault Sends Uproar Among Shoppers

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Police is still searching for the individual who shoplifted and assaulted 3 undercover cops at Oak Park Mall.

The undercover operations were done by the Overland Park Police to search for thieves. August was the fourth month of investigation on this case and cops succeeded in taking 14 individuals into custody.

On Monday, video conference helped take Newsome in front of the judge. According to the cops, she is from Mississippi and she is not cooperating with them.

There were many incidents of carjacking and theft in the retail area that happened in last 2 years.

On Monday, Barbara Summers was shopping across the street from Oak Park Mall and was holding her keys between the fingers. She said, “When I’m in a parking lot, like this. I’m always looking to see who parked next to me, or who’s coming out of a store. I just think that all of us have to be very much alert as to what our surroundings are.” She added, “I wasn’t surprised to hear it because I figure things like that go on over there. I mean, those are the stories that we get. You just hear stories of things happening at the mall.”

A newcomer in the area has a different experience. Crystal Dau said, “It’s a great place for whatever shopping you might need to get done. It always has basically, anything I might need,” or anything an offender might require.

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