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No drug charges for former heavyweight champ

Former heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison learned this week that prosecutors have dropped the charges related to his 2010 arrest in Kansas for possession of marijuana. This is the second time the boxer has eluded drug charges in this state.

In March 2010, officers found Morrison sitting in his vehicle, parked outside of a gym. Morrison claimed he was reading the Bible before going in for his workout. The charges included one count each of marijuana possession with a prior conviction and possession of drug paraphernalia. Morrison was convicted on drugs and weapons charges in the late ’90s. He spent more than two years in prison following the conviction.

The other charges in Kansas stemmed from a traffic stop by a state trooper. The trooper reported seeing as much as eight grams of marijuana in the boxer’s car. Charges of possession of drugs and paraphernalia followed. The case never went to trial, though, because the trooper, the only officer at the scene, was killed in an accident before he could testify.

Morrison’s career was impressive — out of 52 fights, he won 48 — but ended early with a reported HIV diagnosis. He attempted a couple of comebacks, and at one point he denied the HIV reports. His behavior became bizarre at times, as well.

Recently, Morrison has admitted that he had been a heavy methamphetamine user. His problems with drugs and drinking seem to go back to the early ’90s, when he was picked up for drunk driving. He was charged with assault on more than one occasion, as well. Only the 1999 charges resulted in jail time.

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