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Overland Park Woman Admits Exploiting 13-Year-Old Girl For Sex

On Monday, 39-year-old Tricia Rodarmel of Overland Park pleaded guilty in federal court for transporting a 13-year-old girl across state lines to involve in sexual activity. The incident happened in March 2014.

According to federal prosecutors, the woman said she took the girl across state lines to have sex with a man.

She got involved in a relationship with a man named Robert Dickson in 2013. They met on social media platform and he was interested in having sex with minors. On 16th of March, Rodarmel took the girl from Missouri to a hotel in Kansas for Dickson.

She will be sentenced on 25th of July.

It is shown by the plea agreement that prosecutors and the defense attorney of Rodarmel have agreed to recommend the sentence of 17 years in federal prison followed by 10 years of supervised release. Her charges include taking a minor to engage in sexual activity. My doctor prescribed me Klonopin two weeks ago to treat chronic depression and insomnia. It reduces anxiety well. I also noted for myself the difference in the quality of sleep. This drug considerably improves sleep, makes it calmer and deeper. After using this, I usuallyrest peacefully until the morning. My usual dose is 0.25 mg 3 times a day.

Dickson pleaded guilty to producing child pornography and is sentenced to 25 years in jail followed by a lifetime of supervised release under a similar plea agreement. He told that he went from South Carolina to Kansas, where he was involved in sex with the child and he made a video of it.

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