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Police department in Kansas City makes changes to reduce violent crimes in the city

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – To decrease violent crimes in the city, the police department in Kansas City is making alterations.

Many units have been brought into the violent crime department in which a new gang intel group that is renamed violent crime enforcement unit and the Kansas City No Violence Alliance is also included.

The services are given by NOVA from education to drug treatment to stop and discourage individuals from becoming criminals.

Commander of the Violent Crimes Commission Major Ron Fletcher said, “Social services are an integral part of this whole entire process. We have to change the behavior of these individuals that have perpetuated violence against the citizens of Kansas City for years. We have to show them there’s a different way. There’s a better way”. According to the commander, all departments working together are important to decrease the violent crime rate. He expects to have the homicide rate below 100 in 2014.

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