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Stolen Assault Rifle Traced To Woman’s Shooting Death By Kansas Police

On Friday, 34-year-old Rudolph E.
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George was charged for shooting his wife, Lacrisha Duff George, who died due to the gunshot wounds on her chest, back and head. Her body was found on 22nd of September by a city water services worker while checking lines near 44th Street and Askew Avenue.

The cops found several live ammunition rounds and 2 spent shell casings near the dead body, as shown by the court records.

Before the body was found, the cops responded to a call about shots being fired and checked the area but found nothing. They spoke with a man who heard the gunshot sound, but denied knowing anything related to it. He didn’t tell the police officers that he lived at the house where the dead body was found by the city water services worker.

According to a witness, George shot his wife after they had a verbal fight. He also told that the couple visited his house many times and he saw George with an assault rifle.
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The witness knew about the fight as the couple parked their motor vehicle behind the house on Askew and he heard them fighting. He heard the sound of shooting from the home and went to a nearby gas station to call George’s mother.

Investigators later approached a woman who told George was with her when she purchased the assault rifle which was stolen the next day. According to her, George stole the weapon.

George was taken into custody on 30th of September at an Overland Park hotel. He had a black assault rifle when police arrested him.

It is shown by the Ballistics tests that the 3 spent shell casings at the homicide spot had been fired by that rifle.

Rudolph E. George faces second-degree murder charges and armed criminal action for killing his wife. He has a criminal history. Apart from the charges related to the homicide, he was charged for various crimes in the past including:

  • Theft
  • Cocaine sales
  • Attempting to flee the police
  • Aggravated escape from cops

He was taken into custody by the Kansas City police with 2 handguns in the month of July; he could not legally possess any weapon because of his felony convictions. The federal prosecutors did not charge him with being a felon in possession until he shot and killed his wife.
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