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“I have found Paul Cramm to be a truly amazing attorney. He always conveys such a profound depth of competence, clarity, and compassion in our every conversation. Although I always realized that no defense attorney could assure the outcome of any case, Paul instilled great hope based on his remarkable ability to focus on every detail of our conversations and my many notes and distill them to a powerful, clearly articulated strategy for defense based on facts. He’s amazing!” – Larry R.

“Not only was Paul very helpful, but the entire staff was very nice, very understanding and respectful. It’s not an enjoyable event to have to endure, but Paul and his staff make the whole process so much easier to go through.

Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it.” – Will T.

“Very professional lawyer, with your best interest at heart. Paul knows his stuff, and charges flat rates for an entire case, instead of charging by the hour. I like that because if needed, I know I can call him back with questions even after my case is finished. Even though I ended up on diversion (my choice), I know that if I needed to go to trial, Paul would have knocked it out for me. He got my bail lowered from $5000 to a $1500 PR bond, and made sure I was able to get home to be with my family (well worth the attorney charge, right there).

If you are looking for a very straight forward attorney, who doesn’t play games, Paul is your man!” – Sean

“Paul did a great job on handling the case in regards to a domestic violence and kept us informed at what the case entailed. He knew the law and was aware that the prosecutor’s office was not handling this case with most recent and updated facts that they had possession of.

I would definitely use Paul again if I had to find an attorney that I could trust and know that he would follow the law and do the utmost to help out with presenting the facts.” – Kevin

“I chose Paul Cramm to represent me as my criminal defense lawyer back in April. I made this decision after our first consultation, he’s sharp, articulate, and yet kept it real. I was extremely anxious about the case and bothered Paul often, however he always answered (or called back promptly) and provided me information in a way I was able to comprehend. Our meetings often covered the possibility of both outcomes (guilty/ not guilty), which at first made me skeptical… because I didn’t know if his intent was revolved around political negotiation. However we debriefed after every paper movement through the judges chamber, which (to me) was a raw indication of full commitment.

We (Paul) went on to beat the case. In the court room he was brilliant! What I appreciated most was his straight forward attitude. We didn’t spend any time calling a donkey a small horse… we managed facts and won the case. In turn, we were very prepared no matter how the jury ruled.

Paul has earned my loyalty and will remain on my P1 contact list.” – Bradley

“A year ago I was blindsided by a false allegation of sexual abuse. Not only was I ill-equipped to handle the physical, mental, and emotional toll of such a heinous allegation, but I was equally ignorant as to the severe penalties and consequences should I be found guilty.

From the moment I retained Mr. Cramm, he exuded a confidence and calm that belied his knowledge and expertise. While each case and client carries with it its own set of variables, I am indebted to Mr. Cramm for his personal attention and efforts to assuage my emotional distress. With his help I was able to formulate an understanding of my plight and to recognize and accept the steps necessary to work proactively toward the desired resolution. There are obviously no guarantees in criminal court, and while I was well aware that no promises could ever be granted, Mr. Cramm was always realistic and reassuring without being blunt and pessimistic about our chances.

Though it seemed like forever, in short order the jury unanimously returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict! For me, Paul Cramm’s excellence can never be overstated! I owe him my freedom!” – Scott

“I’m very impressed with how organized Mr. Cramm is and how effective he was in achieving the results sought in my case. Very responsive and tough negotiator. Very highly recommended.” – A Domestic Violence Client
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