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“At first, I spoke with two lawyers on the phone and then I called Paul Cramm. Paul was very respectful and helpful with understanding the entirety of the situation up front; that way everything was clear to me. He did excellent work in preparing for our meeting the next day after the phone conversation. He really made me feel like he was on my side and that I didn’t need to worry about all of the details. I was facing a pretty severe penalty and I felt extremely confident in Paul, so I hired him. Paul stayed on top of my case and promptly informed me of any changes/updates. I had an original estimated sentenced time of 46-51 months in prison, if found guilty. The law was pretty clear about my felonious acts (2 charges – possession and intent to sell) but with Paul’s diligent work I walked away with 6 months of unsupervised probation; if I violated my probation I would’ve only faced 6 months in jail. That was a massive improvement on the original charges. I owe a big thank you to Paul Cramm!”

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