Paul D. Cramm

Introducing Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Cramm

Paul: My name is Paul Cramm. I’ve been practicing law in Kansas City for over 17 years now.  For more than 15 years of that time, I have practiced exclusively in the area of criminal defense.

Attorney Cramm Has Handled DUI Cases at Both the Misdemeanor and Felony Levels

In that time I would say realistically 30% to 40% of my practice has been DUI at both the municipal court misdemeanor level and of course, of the district court felony level.

Kansas Law Permits Judges to Impose a Jail or Prison Sentence for DUI Offenses

DUI is one of the few offenses for which the statutory scheme in Kansas allows imposition of jail or prison.  Most other traffic infractions could result in payment of a fine or loss of license or driving privileges only.  DUI is considered one of the more serious traffic offenses. The courts can impose a lengthy jail or prison term in addition to fines and license suspensions.

Attorney Cramm Has Defended over 500 DUI Cases

Interviewer: In the past 12 years, how many cases do you think that you’ve handled?

Paul: Probably 50 DUIs each year. I would say on average we open one new DUI each week.

We probably have four or five in the course of a month, so if I were to be conservative, we’re probably handling about 50 DUIs, misdemeanor and felony combined each year, and I’ve been doing that for quite some time.

Watch this video to learn how Paul Cramm defends DUI and DWI defense and to see why you need his representation in your Kansas City Drunk Driving case.

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