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What Are The Penalties For Prostitution In Kansas?

What Are The Penalties For Prostitution In Kansas?

Is Prostitution A Felony Or Misdemeanor?

What are the minimum penalties for a first-time offender facing solicitation or prostitution charges especially with the new laws being in place?

Under the New Legislation, a First Offense Charge Is Charged as a Class-A Misdemeanor

Under the new law, if it is your first offense and you have no prior prostitution related offenses, you’re now facing a class-A person misdemeanor offense. Previously, this was a class-C misdemeanor offense. Now, it’s a class-A misdemeanor offense.

Do You Get Fined For Prostitution In Kansas?

The Maximum Penalties Can Include a $2500 Fine and a 12-Month Jail Sentence

The mandatory minimum penalty must be a $2,500 fine in addition to any other sentence imposed. The maximum jail time for a class-A misdemeanor offense is up to 12 months in the county jail.

For a First Offense, Attorney Cramm Sees Probation in Lieu of a Jail Sentence Imposed

Oftentimes, we’ll see a judge impose a 12-month underlying sentence and suspend that sentence in lieu of a probation contract. As long as that person satisfies all the terms of the probation contract, they will not need to serve the time in custody.

The $2500 Is Mandatorily Imposed along with Probation

In addition to any order of custody, any order of probation under the new statute, the court must impose a fine of $2,500.

In Kansas, the Penalties Escalate for Subsequent Prostitution-Related Offenses

If someone has a prior conviction for solicitation of a prostitute many years ago, and they get caught in one of these stings once again, second or subsequent charge for this offense is a severity level nine felony offense that will be prosecuted in the district court. It is a felony conviction, with a mandatory minimum fine of $5,000 separate from any other sentence or probation imposed.

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